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Ferenc Puskás had already become a legend in his own lifetime and his popularity has not waned since his death. Hungary tries to nurture his memory, to preserve his story in a manner worthy of the most well-known Hungarian and enhance his fame around the world, which is already chronicled in books related to his Spanish club Real Madrid and which has not been forgotten by Panathinaikos supporters. In Budapest, his football shrine, the national stadium, bears his name; one of the capital city's premier attractions, St. Stephen's Basilica, is also now known for the fact Öcsi bácsi's tomb can be visited there. The football academy in Felcsút is named after the greatest goalscorer of all-time, as is a street and primary school in Kispest; in the football association there is a memorial plaque on one of the walls and in the main square of the town of Zalaszabar there is a bronze statue which pays tribute to his greatness. Meanwhile, at the 'Pancho Puskás' restaurant in Buda, guests are tempted by an array of Öcsi's favourite dishes. These destinations are required visiting for all Puskás fans because they are locations for memorials which ensure the memory of Hungary's only world star is immortal.

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