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Pancho Puskás Sport Pub

Symbol restaurant offers a menu made up of Ferenc Puskás’ favourite Hungarian and Spanish dishes while the adjoining sports bar is decorated with wonderful photos and items of nostalgia from his professional personal life.

Located in a fascinating part of Óbuda, in the neighbourhood of Kolosy Tér, the building which has welcomed guests since the end of the 18th century, is now home to Puskás Pancho Sport Pub which is furnished to such an extent that can be declared worthy of the name of the greatest Hungarian football of all-time. Historic photographs and objects from ’Öcsi bácsi’s life surround customers as they choose from a menu filled with his favourite Hungarian and Spanish dishes, while a unique, genuine, cowhide leather floor covering gives the pub an original, authentic atmosphere. The head chef sources some of his key ingredients from what used to be Puskás’ favourite shop and many of his recipes for foods such as special soups, real Spanish quesadillas, original egg-coated, fried bread and cabbage pasta were put together in consultation with Mrs. Ferenc Puskás. Besides the Puskás theme and the culinary specialities the venue naturally supports football as well. In 2010 the leadership of Symbol established the SymbALL Stars Award which they award to successful footballers and former Hungarian football greats. Every month the owner honours one legend by adding their name to a seat in the Puskás Pancho Sport Pub, which naturally awaits their visit.


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