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FIFA Puskás Award


The thought that there would be a necessity to name an award after the greatest goalscorer of all-time originally came from Dr István Csorba. With the approval of the Puskás family, the sport-loving engineer turned to FIFA with his suggestion which in under three years would become reality; a Puskás award estabished by FIFA. Sadly on 9th October 2009 Dr Csorba passed away so he was not able to see the day the contract was signed by FIFA President Sepp Blatter during his visit to Felcsút, a document which stated an agreement for a prize to be founded for the most beautiful goal of the year, to be known as the Puskás Award and to be presented alongside the Ballon D'or award for the year's best player at the annual FIFA World Player Gala. The trophy which is in the shape of a goal with a football in the net was presented for the first time by Ferenc Puskás' widow in the Congress Centre in Zurich. She commented; "it is ia incomprehensibly huge honour that FIFA, which already in our childhoods was one of the world's most respected organisations, has taken the Puskás name for such an important award. In Öcsi's name I thank all those who liked Ferenc Puskás' game and personality and who now feel a great appreciation for my husband and his admirers all over the world." FIFA gives the award of 'Goal of the Year' to the person adjudged to have scored the best goal in either a men's or women's match. What counts is the aesthetic viewpoint as well as the goal's value. FIFA's Football Committee then sorts through the coverage of all the suggested goals and selects a list of ten which the general public can vote for on the official FIFA website. The scorers of the three goals with the most votes are then invited to the FIFA Gala in Zurich, but the final result is still not known until the winner is announced.



A trick one can never become bored with. A marvellous strike. Against England Ferenc Puskás scored a wonder goal that even in modern football would go down in the category of unbeatable improvisation. The game was up, lads...

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