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Puskás' sister Éva passes away

The football legend's only sibling was 93 years old.

Early on Monday, a day after her 93rd birthday, Éva Puskás, sister of the world-famous Hungarian footballer Ferenc Puskás, passed away in Budapest.
The Puskás family confirmed the news on social media to our tribute website.
Éva Puskás lived in Kispest all her life, her family having moved to the then small and still-independent town in 1929, the year of her birth, due to her footballing father changing clubs to Kispesti AC (later renamed Budapest Honvéd), where her father became a player and later coach.
In 1947, thanks to Öcsi, the Hungarian national team's star player, the family moved from the buildings on the site of the current training ground next to the Budapest Honvéd stadium to Rákóczi utca, where Éva lived for her whole life except for the last months before her death.
Real Madrid TV filmed at Éva's home in 2017

"Éva Puskás, together with her well-known and admired brother, always avoided the public eye, remaining a simple, modest and forever family-loving woman from Kispest", György Szöllősi, Ferenc Puskás' official biographer and Hungarian Government Ambassador of Affairs relating to Ferenc Puskás, recalled when paying tribute to the legend's sister. "Éva provided invaluable support to my Puskás biography published in 2005, and then also for the production of the documentary 'Puskás Hungary' in 2011. and was very similar to her brother Öcsi in that she was always helpful, open-hearted and in a good mood. I have very fond memories of her, and I share the grief of her family members and loved ones."

The child character 'Évike' appears many times in the three children's books written by Kristóf Kemény and Tamás Mayer about the young Ferenc Puskás and his family, and in the cartoon series which followed it.

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