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21 Sep. 2019.

At the invitation of the International Automobile Federation (FIA), the Ivorian legend attended the recent Formula One Italian Grand Prix. While talking to Nemzeti Sport newspaper, Drogba found praise for a couple of famous Hungarian footballers.

NS: What is your life like now? I miss football?
DD: Of course I miss it very much, as I will do for the rest of my life! I still want to run out on the pitch, play in big games, score goals, but this is life; this important time in a player's life always comes to an end. I've just opened a new chapter and become involved in more projects, so I'm pretty busy.

NS: What was your secret as a player?
DD: I always believed in my abilities, even when I couldn't be sure of a breakthrough. My only dream was to be a pro footballer. I was not interested in money or fame; nothing more than being a footballer. I really just wanted to play and then the success came along with everything else.

NS: Do you still remember the Hungarian footballers who played in the Premier League?
DD: Who was the best back then? I can't quite bring his name to mind... ah yes, Zoltán Gera at West Brom and Fulham. Of course, I remember playing against him several times! What is he doing now? Is he well?

NS: Yes. He's retired as a player and is now a coach for the U21 national team.
DD: I'm glad to hear it. I remember he was a good player and it was hard to play against him. What I remember is that he was always humble and professionalism radiated from him. Obviously, we haven't had many occasions to talk, but I respect him a lot.

NS: Do you know much else about Hungarian football? Do you know any other footballers?
DD: Yes, the former king of Hungary, that true legend of football, Ferenc Puskás. Wherever and whenever Hungary comes to mind, his name always comes up. His name is not just part of football history, but the Puskas name is synonymous with football.


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