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Ferenc Puskás Statue

In the main square of a village in Zala county stands the first outdoor bronze statue of Ferenc Puskás, the inauguration of which was marked by a visit by former greats of Real Madrid CF

Zalaszabar, a small town on the western shore of Kis-Balaton lake whose main square is named after Ferenc Puskás, was the recipient of the first outdoor, bronze statue of the legend, a structure which is located in the area of the square which receives the most sunlight.

According to Ferenc Puskás’ widow Erzsébet, the work of art by sculptor Zoltán György Papp of Tiszaújváros calls to mind the individuality of the legendary footballer; ’Bözsi néni’ was happy to recognise her late husband’s mischievous smile and could also see the deep sadness in the bronze facial expression. The village of 600 inhabitants could also enjoy the participation of two world stars in the statue’s inauguration with former Real Madrid players Santamaria and Zoco in attendance. Early on, centre-back Santamaría, who won the European Cup with the Spanish club, paid tribute to ’Pancho’ with words which were echoed by Puskás’ former ’Magical Magyars’ teammate, Jenő Buzánszky who was the only one of the team to play for a club outside Budapest: ”Puskás is a rolemodel for every child in the villages and the cities.”  


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