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Ferenc Puskás Comprehensive School

Two years after his death, a school in Kispest took Ferenc Puskás’ name and unveiled a statue of the city district’s most famous son.

The comprehensive school in Berzsenyi utca was founded in 1979, the institution earlier being christened the Dániel Berzsenyi Comprehensive School. In 2008, nearly two years after Puskás’ death, the school adopted the name of the district’s most famous former resident and in the school hall a bust of the football legend who grew up in Kispest was inaugurated. Present at the ceremony on 21st November 2008 which unveiled the work of art by sculptor Lajos Kristóf were Ferenc Puskás’ widow Mrs. Erzsébet Puskás and district mayor Péter Gajda. The school can be found in the neighourhood of Ady Endre út and Wekerle near the Puskás family’s former home and besides the fact that the school’s name and badge features the ’Golden Team’ captain, the genius footballer’s journey in football is also present in the schools’ curriculum; it became a sport school where its pupils compete in many disciplines. 


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