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23 Jun. 2019.

The Media Council has awarded a total of 56.9 million Forints to seven filmmakers in support of film production through the Gyula Macskássy tender announced last year. One of the projects supported is a cartoon introducing the childhood of Ferenc Puskás. The work will be based on the two-volume story book written by former Nemzeti Sport journalist Kristóf Kemény and illustrated by Tamás Mayer.

In a continuation of the work entitled Cserebogárak (beetles) about great Hungarian champions, Ervin Nagy brings three-time Olympic boxing champions László Papp and the sport of boxing closer to sports-lovers with digital animation techniques. In the opening part of Puskás Öcsi és barátai (Öcsi Puskás and Friends) Csaba Gellár evokes the early ‘rag-ball-kicking’ years of the role-model and world-famous Hungarian footballer’s life.


The tale of Ferenc Puskás bears the title 'Puskás Öcsi és barátai – a rongylabda' (Öcsi Puskás and Friends – the Rag Ball) and is directed by Csaba Gellár, produced by Tamás Lajos and Sándor Takó, with expert producer being György Szöllősi. The film is produced by Film Positive Productions, a professional partner of PUSKAS.COM. The film is being produced thanks to the support of 10,550,000 Forints from the Media Council’s media patronage programme.

The seven-minute film is being made using 2D animation techniques, the plan being to make it into a series with further seven-minute films. The film is based on the stories of Kristóf Kemény and illustrations of Tamás Mayer, worked on by director Csaba Gellár. The episodes of the series are based on the childhood of Ferenc Puskás as well as urban legends.

If there is a human story which deserves a movie to made of it, then the life of Ferenc Puskás is such a story. It is a great pleasure and honour as well as a huge responsibility to make a film about the most famous Hungarian. Especially given that we can do so for children, who are the most grateful and honest public” said one of the producers to PUSKAS:COM.

 According to Sándor Takó, Ferenc Puskás is a great example for the children of today not only because of his exceptional talent, but also his unique personality and helpfulness. “Together with the creative team we will do our best to create a work which is a fitting legacy to the memory of Ferenc Puskás, and which will stand the test of time and hopefully become a testament to young generations in Hungary as well as abroad” added the producer.

Asked about when the public will be able to meet the final characters of the under-production film, Sándor Takó said that: “We’d like to publish them later with the creative team. These figures are of course based on the illustrations of Tamás Mayer but we also modified them for filming”.

Text: Árpád Horváth

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