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UEFA name room in HQ after Puskás

24 Jun. 2019.

Hungarian journalists recently visited UEFA's headquarters in Switzerland and were shown the meeting room there which is named after Ferenc Puskás. It was back in the time of Michel Platini's UEFA presidency that rooms in the Nyon building started to be named after the biggest footballing legends.

"I went to UEFA's headquarters with Hungarian Sports Writers' Association (MSÚSZ) General Secretary Péter B. Őri and visited the room named after Ferenc Puskás", recounted György Szöllősi to PUSKAS.COM. The MSÚSZ President was there at the invitation of European Championship Chief Press Officer David Farrelly, who originally founded the UEFA.COM website.
As we know, former UEFA President Michel Platini was the person who initiated the naming of rooms after football legends in UEFA's House of Football building,in which close to 600 people work.
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