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Annual Puskás Foundation Awards Presented

04 Nov. 2018.

Judit Gazdag, the widow of 36-times-capped Hungarian international striker Béla Váradi, is the recipient of this year's Östreicher Prize, while the Szepesi Prize was bestowed upon legendary sports reporter Zoltán István Vass at the ceremony held in the Groupama Aréna. This was the fourth year in which the Puskás International Football Foundation has presented these awards.

The Puskás International Football Foundation was established in the Puskás Pub in Óbuda on 1st April 2015, the 88th anniversary of Ferenc Puskás' birth. The organisation's aim is to preserve, support and start initiatives aimed at preserving the memory of the world-famous footballer, as well as coordinating the creation of a blockbuster film portraying the life of Ferenc Puskás. An unequivocal aim of the foundation, now achieved for the fourth consecutive year,  is to annually present two awards named after great Hungarian personalities who were inextricably linked to the career of Ferenc Puskás.

Furthermore, the Ferencváros stadium on Üllői út is an appropriate venue for this ceremony for two reasons. Firstly, it was the venue for Ferenc Puskás' first international match - in which the 18-year-old scored his fist goal - on 20th August 1945, and secondly, it was also the venue for the first international match commentated upon by legendary sports reporter György Szepesi in that same match 73 years ago. 

The Groupama Aréna, which stands on the site of the old Frad8 stadium, was the venue for the ceremony at which György Szöllösi -  President of the Foundation's committee, Chief Editor of Nemzeti Sport newspaper and FourFourTwo magazine and President of the Hungarian Sports Journalists' Association - welcomed guests while also reconfirming that the Szepesi Prize is received by an outstanding sports journalist with a long career already behind them and the Östreicher Prize goes to the family of a deceased footballer.

Östereicher Prize (surnames first):
Mester Emilné Czibor Zsuzsanna (2015)
Hamzsek Jolán & Tóth Zsófia (2016)
Deák Ferencné Diósy Ilona (2017)

Szepesi Prize (surnames first):
Novotny Zoltán (2015)
Hajdú B. István (2016)
Gulyás László (2017)

Photos: Árpád Horváth/PUSKAS.COM

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