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Puskás memory enjoyed at Russian World Cup

29 Aug. 2018.

The forthcoming World Cup will also feature on the sidelines some accompanying events organised together its colourful cultural and sports festival partners including the Hungarian Embassy and the Polish Cultural Centre in Moscow. From a friendly football match to a dance presentation, there were a lot of initiatives waiting for the participants and of course the name of Ferenc Puskás was also involved.

During the Sunday picnic held with the title "The ball is in play!", friendly football matches were held between teams from the embassies of Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Israel, Japan and a host Russian team. At the Sokolniki Park in Moscow, of course, not only sports, but also culturural and gastronomic events were also present. The participating countries displayed their tourist attractions, offered tastes of their national food specialties, and made available a variety of souvenir and souvenir items. The Hungarian stand, amongst other items, presented the Russian edition of the abridged version of György Szöllősi's book on Ferenc Puskás.

A poster advertising the Sunday picnic in Moscow with the participating artists

Various all-day entertainment programmes also featured international stars. The Polish folk group, 'Capella Nivinskih', the Moscow-African formation 'Kimbata', actress Olga Lapshin, the Ethiopian-Israeli 'AVEVA' band and a special guest in the form of Polish ethno disc jockey, DJ Woj. In the afternoon, the tourist organisations of the Visegrád Four (Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia) awaited visitors to the festival with tourist and cultural presentations, gifts and souvenirs relating to the upcoming FIFA World Cup.

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